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Home Treatment for Scabies

Conventional and home treatment for scabies:

Medical treatment for scabies such as “Permethrin” and “Benzyl benzoate” is still the best and safest choice to treat the infestation. Even so, numerous conventional scabies treatments have potentially harmful side effects. Moreover, some patients may become resistant to these types of medicines.
Therefore, some patients decide to try home treatment to cure their infestation and get rid of scabies; However, before attempting any at-home treatments, people should always see their doctor. Additionally, several recommended home treatments suggested online are unsupported by scientific or medical research. So, we highly recommend that you begin first by visiting your dermatologist, before trying any home remedies for scabies that could be harmful to your body.

Scabies what is it?

The skin ailment known as scabies rash is brought on by microscopic mites known as Sarcoptes scabies. Your skin is penetrated by the mites, which itch and hurt. Scabies will not go away without treatment, and it is very contagious. Under the skin, the scabies mite’s female lays her eggs. A few days later, the eggs hatch, travel to the skin’s surface, and the cycle repeats.
The mite named “Sarcoptes scabies” is the source of the skin disorder known as scabies. This skin condition is brought on by the parasite mite Sarcoptes scabies, which infest and attacks the skin. Scabies can cause itching and a rash that looks like pimples. Nighttime is generally when the itching is at its worst. The scabies mite can only endure isolation from people for 48–72 hours. But once they are on a person, the mites may live for over two months. Scabies commonly affects those with weakened immune systems; End of life care La Habra can also help with the treatment or care services.

Scabies most typical signs and symptoms include:

Intense itching and scorching red, irritated skin, especially at night or in the evening.

Another possibility is that someone will observe:
Small bites or lumps, tracks left by the mite’s entrances, and wounds caused by scratching.

The signs regularly take six weeks to happen when a person becomes infected for the first time. The symptoms might appear within a day if someone contracts these Parasites twice. Rashes typically appear on the buttocks, wrists, elbows, finger webs, and skin surrounding the nails. Scabies commonly affects those with weakened immune systems.

Effective home treatment for Scabies:

1. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil works effectively as a topical therapy for scabies because it soothes itching and cures the skin rash, but it is less successful at reaching the eggs located more profoundly in the skin. Additionally, you may spritz some tea tree oil over your mattress by adding a few drops to a spray bottle.
Tea tree oil is a potential therapeutic option for scabies, especially for instances that did not improve with conventional therapies, according to a review of research from 2016 Trusted Source. In laboratory and human studies, tea tree oil is an effective scabies treatment; nevertheless, more significant, randomized controlled trials are required. Tea tree oil might cause allergic reactions in certain people. Prevent the usage if you experience an allergic reaction.

What’s tea tree oil?

  • Antibacterial.
  • Acaricidal (capable of killing mites)
  •  Antipruritic (relieves itching)
  •  Anti-inflammatory

2. Neem oil for scabies

Neem oil, soaps, and lotions can be a beneficial substitute for traditional scabies remedies. It possesses analgesic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory effects.
In testing in the lab, the active neem ingredients have been proven to fight scabies. According to this 2008 Trusted Source research, using shampoo containing neem seed extract effectively treated dogs with scabies. After seven days, the majority of the ten canines showed improvement. Eight dogs were healed after using the shampoo for 14 days, while the other two only had a few mites. Additional research involving human subjects and more significant sample numbers is required.

3. Aloe vera could also be used as a home treatment for scabies

Sunburned skin may be soothed and healed using aloe vera gel. Additionally, it can kill scabies and reduce itching. According to 2009 research by Trusted Source, benzyl benzoate, a common prescription medication, and aloe vera gel were equally effective in treating scabies. There were no adverse side effects.
More significant sample numbers are required because this tiny study only tested 16 participants using aloe vera. If you use aloe vera gel, be sure it is 100 percent pure and has no additives.

4. Clove oil as a home treatment for scabies

Clove oil’s antibacterial, anesthetic, and antioxidant properties support its therapeutic effects. It works well as an insecticide as well. According to a 2010 Trusted Source research, clove oil works well in eradicating scabies. Scabies from pigs and rabbits were employed in the lab testing. The least effective oil was ylang-ylang oil, whereas clove oil was slightly beneficial. To illustrate the full potential of these oils, more human research is required.

The following essential oils are advised to cure scabies, even though the majority of the studies do not confirm their efficacy:
  • lavender
  • Thyme
  • Peppermint
  • Ylang-ylang
  • Nutmeg
  • Anise seed
  • Lemongrass

Additional tips to get rid of scabies

  1. Since the scabies mite may survive for up to four days without a human host, treating your house is essential to avoid a re-infestation.
  2. All clothing, towels, and bedding should be washed in hot water (122°F or 50°C) and dried in a hot dryer.
  3. Plastic bags should be sealed with anything that cannot be cleaned for at least five days.
  4. Everyone who resides in a house where an infestation has been found should follow the same cleaning procedures, whether they have symptoms.

Final observation:

Before attempting any at-home treatments for scabies rash, people should always see their doctor and do some skin tests. Generally, it will take some time to get rid of scabies, so be patient and follow the doctor’s prescription.


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