Pictures of scabies:

scabies pictures gallery showing the most severe scabies rash infection; Moreover, you will find here the most relevant scabies images.

Our team tried to search out scabies pictures around the web; unfortunately, this skin disorder is usually mistaken with other skin conditions; thus, be aware that there are some incorrect images of scabies on the internet, sick medical help or try to read about this condition in governmental recognized and non-commercial web sites such as:

+American Academy of dermatology.

+the Centre for disease control and prevention.


+British Association of Dermatologists.

We update our scabies photos gallery frequently. Furthermore, people find here more and more relevant images, that help our readers to visualize the burrows tracks that the itch mite made to lay their eggs in the skin; which is the most known symptom of scabies.

If you would like to help and make it easier to other people to recognize scabies in order that they can sick medical help, please contact us by sending an email Here containing real pictures of people having scabies (Contact us).