About Us:

scabiesrashtreatment.com is a subsidiary founded by Jasin G. “ScabiesRashTreatment” is focused on delivering accurate, research-backed information about scabies. Here, you will find helpful and detailed information on topics related to scabies. This website presents information on conventional Western and alternative medicine for scabies rash. We save our visitors from needlessly spending time and energy searching for what works and whatnot.

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Jasin G.:

I’m Jasin G. the founder of this website; a paramedic by profession with more than a decade of practice, living in Morocco, IN. I am a fan of reading and an avid learner of healthcare solutions. Also, interested in self-development and paramedical services.

For more than ten years, I worked in the paramedical field in the firefighter’s department. Certainly, these years have impacted my personality and expertise.

Me and Scabies:

I have a personal experience with scabies; unfortunately, just remembering it makes me feel chilled because it was one of my worst both professional and personal experiences.

emergency call

I discovered the benefits of some home treatments for scabies while suffering from a pretty severe scabies rash in my late twenties. Looking for a SAFE and/or NATURAL way to reduce itching, and irritation, and avoid re-infestation; consequently, I learned a lot about the little-known wonders of modern and alternative medicine, testing many of them on my skin.

The worst summer ever:

In the summer of 2015, after receiving a call related to an unconscious person on the main street, we rushed to provide first aid and then transferred him to the hospital; he was a homeless person, who seemed to have lost consciousness from hunger and the complications of a severe skin rash;  guess what? He has crusted scabies (a highly contagious skin condition); My professional duty was to transport the patient and provide first aid during the trip to the hospital, this necessitated direct contact with the patient, and here was the beginning of the suffering, after a few days I was begging to feel the rash in my both arms, intense itching during the night. And these were the most important symptoms that made me know that I had mites on my skin.

scabies rash treatments
scabies rash treatments
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I spent many hours online reading everything I could about scabies. What scared me was people on forums and comment sections on websites were talking about not being able to treat their scabies for months; For this reason, I asked for help from co-workers and specialized doctors, and they generously provided me with references and all their knowledge about scabies and some other skin diseases caused by parasites; This site is my attempt at sharing what I’ve learned.

Our commitments:

Since the beginning, scabiesrashtreatment.com has been committed to providing our readers with the highest possible level of customer service, and access to the maximum pieces of information about scabies mites. We encourage you to educate yourself about scabies, whether you have it or not; we created this website to help others deal with little devils.*




It’s positive that I share my personal experience with scabies and I offer insights into managing the condition. Personal experiences can provide valuable perspectives. However, keep in mind that individual experiences may vary, and what worked for one person might not be universally applicable.

The information on this website www.scabiesrashtreatment.com, including information on natural remedies, and alternative medicine, is for informational purposes only; Scabiesrashtreatment is not a substitute for medical professional assistance or advice. HowevHowever, it serves only as an aid in understanding scabies.e personal stories can be informative, always consult with a healthcare professional for advice tailored to your specific situation. They can provide evidence-based guidance and ensure your approach to managing scabies aligns with medical best practices.


Finally, I hope this resource is of great use and helps to put people on the right track to recovery.

Any errors you find on the site, any improvements you can think of, or any feedback on it: don’t hesitate to contact us.