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Aloe Vera oil

Aloe vera has so many benefits and uses, and can be an effective alternative home remedy for so many diseases and health conditions. in this article we provide you 5 recipes with pure ALOE VERA GEL and other ingredients to kill or at least relieve from scratching and the rash.

Aloe Vera benefits

What is the scientific name of A/V

Aloe Vera is a species of Aloe, the botanical or scientific name of Aloe vera is Aloe barbadensis miller ( or Aloe perfoliata, aloe indica Royle ), native to northern Africa. It is called the ‘miracle plant’ or the ‘natural healer’. It is found naturally in southern and eastern Africa.

Aloe vera medicinal uses 

Aloe Vera as a plant has so many uses as the gel from the leaves. The gel is famous for facilitating digestion, aiding blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as improving kidney, liver, and gallbladder functions. It is involved in the smooth functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. 


Despite having all the properties, Aloe v  also has great importance in the eradication of scabies, a contagious infestation transmitted by skin-to-skin contact, also, can be transmitted by contact with contaminated material. The mite burrows into the skin, producing a popular rash and severe itch at certain sites of the body. 

How to use A/V as a home remedy for scabies?

Scabies infestation is difficult to get rid of in penal institutions and nursing homes…because of overcrowding and poor hygiene, which facilities the reinfestation. In order to treat the mite causing scabies; the aloe Vera gel is as effective as benzyl benzoate lotion.


 Some studies have shown that Aloe V is extremely effective in killing scabies mites and helps to get rid of itchiness and pain that made the scabicide conditions unbearable. It contains many different constituents including lections, salicylic acid, and anthraquinones (1) and the acaricidal agent is not known. However, it is conceivable that the anthraquinones may be responsible for this effect as they inhibit tyrosine activity and possess potent antimicrobial properties (1). 

The leaf lining (latex, resin or sap) contained anthraquinone glycosides (aloin, aloe-emodin, and barb loin) that are potent stimulant laxatives. These water-soluble glycosides are split by intestinal bacteria into aglycones which have laxative action stronger than Senna, Cascara or Rhubarb root, These are effective to treat scabies (4 and 5).  

Affected patients with scabies face itches, burns, rashes, redness, wounds and many other problems on their skin. It is demonstrated that the Aloe Vera gel is the most reliable and easy way of scabies extermination, as it’s involved in the enhancement of wound healing that leads to reduced wound diameter (6).

A/V reduces the skin reactions

It seems to be involved in the activity of macrophages and fibroblasts, which enhance both collagen and proteoglycan synthesis that ultimately promote tissue repair (7 and 8). Another main component that is present in AV is Acemannan which reduces the radiation-induced skin reactions that appear in scabies (9 and 10). 

Benefits of Pure A/V gel

The liquid extracted of pure aloe vera gel is also used to reduce anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects via inhibition of prostaglandin production from arachidonic acid, Moreover, helps reduce the pain and accelerate wound healing during scabies treatments (11).

Aloe vera recipes for scabies rash

  Here we are reporting some of the Aloe vera gel homemade treatment for scabies, these are as follows; 

Scabies home treatment No.1

Aloe vera gel and essential oils:


  • First of all, you need to take 2-4 tablespoons of oil (you may use coconut, olive, or jojoba oil) 
  • Then pour out 2-3 spoons of pure Aloe vera gel in an exceeding bowl and blend well before use. 


You need to take a message on the entire body gently and afterward take a shower. *Follow this remedy twice a day to get swift rid of scabies.

home remedies No.2

Aloe vera gel and neem oil for scabies

neem leaves an essential oil
NEEM oil & leaves


  • At first, you have to get 2-4 tablespoons of neem oil. 
  • After that pour out 3-4 spoons of pure Aloe vera gel in an exceeding bowl and blend well before use.


 Message on the whole entire body gently and later on take shower. *To get better results to follow the procedure twice a day.

Scabies home treatment  No.3

Aloe vera & cayenne pepper powder:

Cayenne pepper powder
Cayenne pepper powder Source:


  • You require 1 cup of cayenne pepper (powder).
  • Later on, pour out 4-5 spoons of pure Aloe vera gel in an exceeding bowl and blend it well before use.


Massage it on your body and leave for 20 minutes or till the water becomes cold. Wash with plain cold water. Pat your skin dry, *Follow it once every day.

Scabies home remedies No.4

 Aloe vera & honey / salt recipe:


  • Firstly you have to take 1 cup of Epsom salt and 1-2 spoons of honey.
  • Then, take 2 tablespoons of carrier oil (use coconut or olive oils).
  • After that, pour out 3-4 spoons of pure aloe vera gel in an exceeding bowl and blend well before use.


Firstly, you need to dilute the Aloe vera gel with the carrier oil. Then mix the Epsom salt, oil and honey mixture in a bowl and Preserve it in a jar. After that, prepare a soak with lukewarm water and add the salt mix as required, in the end, massage it on your body for 30 minutes. *Take a bath and pat your skin dry.

 home remedies No.5 

Aloe vera plus tea tree oil:

tea tree leaves an essential oil
Tea Tree leaves & oil


  • You require regarding ½ cup pure Aloe vera gel (freshly scooped).
  • Then you need 2 tablespoons of neem oil 
  • After that, put 15-20 drops of pure tea tree oil in an exceeding bowl and blend well before use.


Use a blender to blend the freshly scooped Aloe vera gel. Mix the Aloe vera gel, neem oil, and tea tree oil in a bowl; Massage the mixture all over your body, let it stay for at least 30 minutes to an hour. After that, wash it off. *Follow this twice a day.

To sum it up, you need to follow the above-given procedures to get rid of scabies.


Opinions remain conflicting on the effectiveness of herbal or home remedies to kill scabies; a worldwide unified approach to therapeutic methods for treating scabies has not been developed at present.


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