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Appel Cider Vinegar

Scabies treatment vinegar

 Vinegar can be used as a home treatment remedy for so many skin conditions including mange and scabies; because organic apple cider or white vinegar is cheap and easy to find in almost every house, And it contains ingredients that have benefits to the skin; it is an antioxidant-rich in amino acid, acetic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, and mineral salt… According to the experiences of some of our readers, soaking in apple cider vinegar can be effective to get rid and kill the scabies mites; Because, when you apply ACV it lowers the pH level on your skin (Acidic substance); mostly, This will kill the mites, since scabies cannot live in such an acidic environment. 

Can home remedies kill scabies?

Home treatments like tea tree oil, tiger balm, white vinegar, neem oil, cayenne pepper…may help get rid of the parasites, especially if the person has become resistant to conventional medical treatments, like Permethrin cream and ivermectin; Even so, there are not enough scientific or medical experiments and evidence to prove their efficacy; then, it is necessary to see a dermatologist to prescribe the appropriate treatment or creams necessary to get rid of scabies mites, because some home remedies may help to relieve the symptoms (rash, itchiness.) but can’t kill scabies.


Besides being an excellent salad dressing in your kitchen, did you know that apple cider vinegar is one among the foremost powerful elixirs for your skin; it has multiple health in addition to skin benefits.

Rich in acetic, citric, malic and amino acid…organic VINEGAR may help to tighten and improve the skin texture and protect it from harmful environmental elements; from treating acne and sensitive skin to fixing foot odor, also it can balance your skin’s pH levels as we mentioned before. 

May helps with the skin tags  

This is a common skin growth in which a short, narrow stalk sticks out. It is usually harmless and painless. The major reason for using vinegar for skin tags treatment is to dry out the tissue surrounding the skin tag and allow it to fall off. Nevertheless, there is no scientific evidence that ACV can help to get rid of skin tags.

Help to reduce wrinkles

When we get older, our skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles start to form on the skin. Why you need the vinegar for your wrinkles is to tighten the skin and protect it from harmful environmental elements; also, because it contains vitamin C and other vitamins that stimulate the production of collagen.

May cure your acne 

Bacteria are one of the major causes of acne on the skin. One of the benefits of AVC is that it contains many acids, one of these organic acetic acids was effective in inhibiting bacteria growth and destroying bacteria biofilms based on its antimicrobial properties; apple cider vinegar may help to reduce acne breakout when used properly.


Vinegar was and still one of the best natural remedies, proven to be effective in getting rid of the symptoms of scabies and eases the itchiness. By changing the pH level of the skin, ACV may kill the mites; in spite of that, there are not enough scientific studies to support these claims.

If you still want to try it, here are some methods to use apple cider vinegar as a home treatment remedy for scabies:


First, Before using withe vinegar or ACV, please take the necessary precautions by experimenting with the product in a small patch of the skin, to avoid possible allergic effects. 


Apply this treatment to the entire body except for the face and the genital parts.

Vinegar and water

Vinegar for scabies
Apple Cider Vinegar

-Blend equal amounts of apple cider or white vinegar and water in a container or bowl.

-Use a cotton ball (or a clean kitchen sponge), and rub it on the infected skin where you feel itchy.

-Wash it off with warm water after some minutes. 

-Repeat this for a couple of weeks, 3 times each day, And you will notice some improvement in your condition.

Mixing vinegar with salt and alcohol

salt as a home remedy

This is another mixture sent to us by one of our visitors, who claims that salt, alcohol, and vinegar was a successful combination that he tried to get rid of scabies:

Firstly, he mixed the vinegar with alcohol and water in a spray bottle and sprinkled it on his affected foot.

After that, he rubbed it with salt (expect a strong burning sensation); 

Next, he took a hot shower;

And finally, he applied permethrin cream to the infected areas. 


That was the secret mixture that helps him to get rid of scabies. If you tried it, and it works for you too, tell us in a comment.

In the end, remember that Scabies is curable, but you need to hurry up and consult a doctor so that your condition does not get worse; If you try the prescribed medications and still feel the symptoms and the itching keep bothering you, then some of our ancestors’ prescriptions may help.


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  1. Patrick

    Put/pour white vinegar in a spray bottle and just spray your body,Usually kills the mites with just one spray,You may find as I did the mites are in your house and flooring including carpets need to be sprayed.Spray the bedding also, as everywhere you went the mites went with you.This is war,however the vinegar does kill the mites with one spray.Yes the pillow case too.You’re gonnna smell like a pickle,but it sure beats the awful mites,

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