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Neem oil & leaves, Essential oil


The answer is NO, neem oil does not kill the scabies mites; but, one of the active components of the neem oil, shown to disrupt the reproductive system, by disturbing the mites hormones in laboratory tests; making it harder for them to mate and lay eggs.

In a recent Indian study, They reached a conclusion that a paste made up of neem oil and turmeric powder had a 97% cure rate over three to fifteen days. Neem is a sacred tree in India, they refer to it as  “village pharmacy”; Indiens believe that this home remedy treatment could cure many diseases and ailments.

Neem oil is also an excellent solution if you’re having problems with insects, mites, or fungi…


We conclude from the above, that neem oil creates a hormonal imbalance in the scabies reproduction system, which prevents laying new eggs, and therefore their numbers decrease with time; So, neem oil does not kill scabies mites directly.

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Neem oil is a natural by-product of the neem tree; vegetable neem oil is extracted from the seeds and leaves of this miracle tree. It is characterized by a strong aroma, and cannot be used for cooking in the kitchen, but may be used for other purposes such as:

  • For the preparation of skincare products and cosmetics, for example, soap, hair products, and creams.
  • Moreover, it has been used for hundreds of years as a home remedy to control pests (mites, fungi, gnats, mushroom flies) and diseases (can be a useful home remedy for scabies).
  • In addition, it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic properties.


You should know that this miraculous oil contains a mixture of components. Triglycerides, vitamin C, acids: Oleic, Palmitic, Stearic… Therefore, the benefits of the Indian lilac are innumerable.   

  • Enhanced immune function.
  • Contains antioxidants.
  • It reduces arthritis, stiffness, and pain.
  • Also used for cleaning.
  • Some cosmetic companies use it for smoothing products.
  • It can help to speed up wound healing.
  • Strong anti-inflammatory.
  • Stimulating skin regeneration.
  • It has antiseptic, anti-fungal, antipyretic and antihistamine properties.
  • In the case of bruising, for example, it helps reduce swelling and redness.
  • Detoxify the blood.
  • Neem oil is a wonderful fungicide.
  • Reduces dandruff, and smooths hair. 


Do you wonder if neem oil is safe to use on the skin? We should at first mention that it is potentially toxic if ingested; plus, there aren’t enough studies about the safety of using neem during breastfeeding, we prefer that pregnant women avoid using it.

If you consider using it as an insecticide in your garden or your house, don’t worry then, neem is safe and will not harm your kids or your pets, it is a safe and effective product to control insects.

Neem oil is safe for the skin, it contains great components acids and vitamins, but you should start by trying a diluted amount in a small area of your skin; to see how it reacts, if you feel burns, or irritation, stop immediately and take advice from your dermatologist.


 When the scabies mites become resistant to some conventional pesticides, such as Permethrin and ivermectin; The time comes to try some alternative treatments.

We have already published, dear visitors, many natural remedies for scabies, you can view them just by clicking on this link HERE. Likewise, neem oil still worth to try if you like to get rid of scabies; because, of its countless benefits, These are some mixtures and recipes that contain neem oil to treat scabies:

1- Neem bath for scabies

 Essential oils for the skin
Essential oils for the skin
  • Start by filling the bathtub with warm water.
  • To get a lotion, add a few drops of neem oil with some liquid soap in a bottle.
  • Mix the solution vigorously, try to make a homogeneous mixture.
  • Add the mixture to the tub.
  • Soak into your bathtub for twenty minutes.
  • Repeat the same steps daily for no more than two weeks.
  • You will notice a great improvement in your condition.

2- Neem oil with Turmeric paste

  • 15ml of neem oil, 2 tablespoons.
  • 15ml of turmeric powder, 1 tbsp.
  •  05ml of coconut oil 1 teaspoon.
  •  Start by mixing the three ingredients in a bowl.
  • The mixture will form a paste.
  • Apply it to the affected areas.
  • Leave the recipe on the skin for more than twenty minutes.
  • Enjoy a little relief from itching and the torture caused by mites.

3- Neem oil Body Mask

  • 120ml (1/2 US cup) of neem oil.
  • 60ml (¼  a US cup) of coconut oil.
  • 10 drops of tea tree oil.
  • 1 tablespoon of turmeric.
  •  02 tbsp of neem powder.
  • First, mix all the ingredients together.
  • Try the mixture first on a small part of your body.
  • If you notice any kind of skin allergy, stop right away, and follow your doctor’s directions.
  • If you do not experience any allergic reactions, rub the mixture on your body, focusing on the affected areas.
  • Leave the mask on your body for at least half an hour.
  • Take a warm bath. 

4- Aloe vera gel & neem to get rid of scabies 

  • 15 ml (02 teaspoons) neem oil.
  • 30 ml ( 04 teaspoons) of aloe vera gel. 
  • Three drops of the clove oil.
  • try to form a paste, by mixing these ingredients.
  • As mentioned above, try the recipe on a small patch of the skin, and note the changes.
  • If you notice that your skin is sensitive to the ingredients.
  • Stop immediately; if not, continue.
  • Tell us in a comment if the mixture works for you. 


Our team is glad to provide you this information, which is for educational purposes only; this information does not replace in any form: the diagnosis or treatment provided by a doctor; furthermore, it has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Consult your doctor before using any alternative treatment or any medication based on advice from non-specialists or former patients, articles or videos that you found on the Internet.



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