Scabies rash treatment

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what does scabies look like

WHAT DOES SCABIES LOOK LIKE? Scabies looks like tiny, snaking, raised red bumps lines, resembling pimples and often are mistakenly joined to insect bites; these are not scabies bites, they're a result of an allergy that the skin develops to… Read More


HOW DO YOU GET SCABIES IN THE FIRST PLACE? When you get scabies, the first question that comes in mind is how in the hell did I catch these tiny parasites, you're about to find out where do scabies come… Read More


WHAT IS CROTAMITON? It is a drug used for the treatment of pruritus & scabies infestation in the skin, it belongs to a class of drugs known as scabicides. Also used to ease the itching of bad skin conditions (antipruritic).… Read More

What is Permethrin cream? facts about the best for scabies

What is Permethrin cream? Brand Name: nix, Elimite, Acticin. Generic Name: permethrin. Drug Class: Scabicidal Agents; Pediculicides, Topical. Permethrin is an odorless, colorless crystalline solid or a viscous liquid that's white to yellowness. Permethrin cream or spray is an insecticide… Read More

Scabies treatment cream & OTC treatments

Medical scabies treatment: The scabies rash results from a reaction of the skin to the mite’s body, eggs, and excretions. It’s a common skin disease worldwide, for the most part in the third world, very itchy and easily contagious. Scabies… Read More