permethrin is A pyrethroid insecticide utilized in the treatment of lice infestations.

additionally, active against a broad range of pests as well as ticks, fleas, mites, and scabies. ((permethrin 5% cream) a condition caused by little insects called mites).


SCABIES IN DOGS When your pet has scabies we call it mange “Sarcoptic mange” or also “Canine scabies”; some signs of it are hair loss, skin scales, and severe itching...The scabies mite in dogs and cats are different species than… Read More

What is Permethrin cream? facts about the best for scabies

What is Permethrin cream? Brand Name: nix, Elimite, Acticin. Generic Name: permethrin. Drug Class: Scabicidal Agents; Pediculicides, Topical. Permethrin is an odorless, colorless crystalline solid or a viscous liquid that's white to yellowness. Permethrin cream or spray is an insecticide… Read More

Scabies treatment cream & OTC treatments

Medical scabies treatment: The scabies rash results from a reaction of the skin to the mite’s body, eggs, and excretions. It’s a common skin disease worldwide, for the most part in the third world, very itchy and easily contagious. Scabies… Read More