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Coconut oil is a common natural remedy for scabies and so many other health conditions in Asia, India, and some American regions; Since this website is specialized in scabies treatments, we will try to discover this extraordinary oil and its benefits; is it really effective to kill the mites? Is it safe to use?… If you want to know the secrets of this wonderful tropical oil; just keep reading to find out everything about how to use coconut oil to get rid of scabies. 


You should be using coconut oil ( Also called: Cocos Nucifera) for so many reasons, it has many beauty benefits for your skin, face, scalp, and hair; Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E  and healthy saturated fats. Furthermore, it contains lauric acid, caprylic acid…and that’s what makes it naturally anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal; it can be helpful in keeping skin moisturized, Eradicate dandruff, reducing inflammation, and helping heal wounds and Burns. Likewise treating acne-prone skin…  

Here are some the benefits of using coconut oil on the skin

1, Coconut oil conditions the skin

as we previously mentioned, CNO is a great natural product (cosmetic treatment) for conditioning and moisturizing the skin. It can easily be absorbed and will clog your pores, The skin will also be smoothed.

2, Coconut oil reduce acne

Because CNO is rich in uric acid, it has been shown that CNO will definitely help to reduce acne and skin blemishes; its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties will help to give your skin the ammunition, as well, which may protect your skin from further onslaughts.

3, CNO help to prevent premature aging

 One of the amazing benefits of this skin care product is the stimulation of collagen production in the body and boosting the regeneration of cells, that what gives it the Anti-wrinkles anti-aging proprieties.


There are no reliable scientific evidence or laboratory experiments to confirm that coconut oil can kill scabies; so, we recommend to use medical creams such as permethrin since they contain substances capable of killing scabies mites “scabicide” and their eggs; Even so, you can try some recipes and mixtures based on essential oils as home remedies treatment to relieve the symptoms.

Scabies is a skin disease which spreads through direct close contact with an already infected person; female Scabies mites dig under the skin causing intense itching and discomfort especially at night; coconut oil helps to soothe the skin and ease the symptoms like itching, but mostly it will not kill the mites; still, applying a thick coat of coconut oil over the infected skin spots will boost the immunity and cover the air holes through which scabies mites get oxygen and this will probably suffocate them.  


There are multiple recipes and mixtures that use coconut oil to treat scabies:


This mixture includes tea tree oil, according to recent laboratory experiments it is the most effective natural remedy to the treatment of scabies.

Simply, mix two tablespoons of tea tree oil, with a cup of coconut oil, until you get a homogeneous mixture; then wipe the mixture on your body. The benefits of the tea tree, in addition to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory proprieties of the coconut oil; will mostly cure the condition.

PS: discover more about tea tree oil for scabies here.

Using coconut oil and neem oil for scabies 

Another way to use coconut oil for scabies is by mixing it with neem oil; this is a step by step to do so:

Prepare a clean bowl, 

Pour a teaspoon of CNO,

 Add one drop of neem oil,

 Fill the bowl with this mixture until you have enough oil to cover your body,

 Rub the mixture on your body and leave it for about an hour, 

As the last step, take a hot shower.

Repeat this process for weeks until you get some results.

Clove Oil & Coconut oil and honey Recipe for scabies: 

Clove oil should be diluted by adding a teaspoon of coconut oil to every ten drops of clove oil; in order to enhance the mixture, add a teaspoon of honey as well.

 This natural treatment help to relieve the symptoms of scabies. Finally, don’t forget to take a hot shower after using this recipe.


Even if coconut oil offers some extraordinary health benefits, it might cause some negative side effects, especially if used frequently, abundantly or without respecting safety standards and dosages.

It may increase the cholesterol levels, and cause diarrhea, resulting in headache, blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples, hives or rashes.




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